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About Thinking Hack

Having an Exam Preparation Specialist or Subject Matter Expert in your life can be extremely beneficial. They can provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed. They know the ropes and are able to help you to navigate complex waters. They keep you on track with your goals and provide you with timely feedback. Having an expert by your side can make all the difference.

There is an immense need for people who can prepare you for exams efficiently and accurately. In the academic world, students are tested regularly and their grades mean everything. However, people in corporate environments too have to face examinations at some point in their career and develop new skills. Thus, it becomes important for these individuals to find someone who can improve their chances at success effectively and in the shortest amount of time possible. Exam Preparation Specialists and Subject Matter Experts specialise in a particular area that they know well enough to help others learn about it more effectively.

Thinking Hack is the only home of Exam Preparation Specialists and Subject Matter Experts in Singapore. By matching you with one of our specialists, you will study for exams and learn in a way that is both effective and efficient. Collectively, our specialists have experience in a variety of academic subjects and are subject matter experts in their own right. This allows them to design tailor-made interventions and tutorials that are specific to the needs of individual students.

If you are looking for help in preparing for your exams or getting ahead through learning, look no further than the experts at Thinking Hack. Our specialists have years of experience in their field and can provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed. They know the ropes and can keep you on track with your studies.

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PSLE English
PSLE Science
Public Speaking

O Levels English
O Levels Pure Geography
O Levels Pure History
O Levels Social Studies

A Levels General Paper

Coding in Python
Comprehension Mastery
Creative Writing
Public Speaking


To provide students with an effective and instructional curriculum that is tailored to their needs.


To empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their full potential.



Every lesson is guided by the appropriate syllabus towards your examinations and goals Consequently, an improvement in grade is typical with the progress of each lesson.


All our specialists are also subject matter experts in their own right. A typical arrangement with Thinking Hack would look like the following. If you wanted to learn coding, you would be matched with a coding instructor from School of Information Technology or a professional Coding Developer. Similarly, if you were seeking examination success at PSLE/NA/O/A Levels, you can trust that you will be matched with a suitable expert such as a teacher who has taught this subject with the Ministry of Education.


Each student will receive an individualized learning experience he or she can’t always get in a classroom setting. Lessons are tailor made for each student and often involves elements of Gamification to make for a fun and engaging lesson.


Thinking Hack believes in a method called Instructional Scaffolding. Imagine starting at the foundation of a building and then constructing it vertically until it’s a tall skyscraper. An example of this method is giving students worked examples as they do their practice problems, or starting with more simplified versions of a problem and then increasing rigor. Lessons are broken into smaller, manageable bites for the student to ingest and master before proceeding to more difficult or complex problems.